About Us

About Signal-Booster.org, Cel-Fi / Nextivity, and The Smart Signal Booster

Signal-Booster.org is owned and operated by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC. (AFC-Houston) which is located in Houston, Texas. As an authorized reseller of Cel-Fi Smart Signal Boosters manufactured by Nextivity, AFC Houston stocks and ships Cel-Fi signal boosters for cell phones. With a large warehouse in the city of Houston, Texas, we are well-equipped to meet all of your needs in a timely manner.

Market Challenge
There are several factors that can contribute to poor reception of wireless indoor signals, including buildings, trees, natural obstacles and distance from the cell tower. An estimated 17%-25% of all mobile users worldwide experience poor quality indoor wireless coverage, translating into well over 1 billion subscribers globally experiencing pain.

Solving the Problem
Cel-Fi is the first of a new generation of signal boosters. The carrier-grade, plug-and-play Cel-Fi consumer signal booster is fully digital, developed using the most advanced technology, and delivers 1,000 times more gain than the previous generation of analog boosters to maximize a user’s indoor wireless experience by eliminating in-building dead zones. The Cel-Fi Window Unit captures the cellular signal that reaches the building, improves it and retransmits the signal indoors via the Coverage Unit. Cel-Fi can more than quadruple wireless data speeds and eliminate dropped calls for wireless subscribers in their homes or offices by boosting signal strength from one bar to five bars. Recognized for its innovative design and advanced technology, Cel-Fi is authorized for subscriber use by more than137 operators worldwide.

Cel-Fi is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and for use in multi-level homes. It provides one of the largest coverage footprints in the market – up to 13,000 square feet – with many simultaneous calls and simultaneous high-speed data connections. As a completely plug and play solution, Cel-Fi eliminates the need for external antennas, cables, ladders, and drilling, ensuring that even the most non-technical customer can install the system in a matter of minutes.

Developed by Nextivity
The Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster is developed by California-based Nextivity Inc. The company’s veteran engineering team has leveraged advanced signal processing and intelligent antenna design to develop the world’s only self-configuring, environmentally aware indoor coverage systems.