Cel-Fi Cell Phone Signal Booster Benefits and Features

Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster is authorized by one hundred and thirty nine carriers worldwide in seventy countries at the time of this survey, for use on their mobile networks. What is Cel-Fi? It is currently the only Smart Signal Booster approved and authorized by AT&T; Wireless and T-Mobile USA for use on their networks. Unlike most analog boosters, it boosts mobile coverage within large homes and office buildings of upto 13,000 square feet. It eliminates dropped calls and static during phone conversations. Like us, it is obsessed with finding coverage: Unlike previous generation boosters, it is powered by an intelligent processor core that is designed to detect interference and adjust the coverage area accordingly, so as to provide the largest possible coverage area. Like traditional boosters, it is composed of two units that connect wirelessly: Window unit brings wireless-in and pushes wireless-out to the coverage unit to boost signal from only one bar to five bars (it needs just one bar of 3G or 4G coverage) – Minus the installation hassles! See video to see how easy it is to install…

Why buy signal booster from us?

However, unlike traditional legacy boosters, it provides high capacity coverage: 60 simultaneous users, 4 to 20 times higher download speed. Provides maximum gain of 100dB or 1000 times more gain than the industry average. Its powerful internal antenna gain is five times more powerful than the best smartphone available! Hands down, it is the most sophisticated and advanced booster in the market. Furthermore, it is a breeze to install – No need for outdoor antenna, cables and other installation. Just plug Cel-Fi in and it works! With insanely simple installation in five minutes this plug and play Cel-Fi configures itself automatically. It is the only carrier-specific booster available in the market today and the one and only booster approved by the FCC in the “provider specific” category. It offers 100dB, or 1,000 times more gain than the most powerful wideband analog booster. It uses a next generation all-digital advanced technology with ARES, the Cel-Fi processor with six-cores RISC baseband processor, which is 5 times more powerful than previous generation digital signal processors. Please note that we no longer carry Cel-Fi cell phone signal booster kits for use in Canada so we recommend this website carrying Canadian cell phone signal boosters for use with Carriers in Canada.

Cel-Fi Advanced Technology:
Cel-Fi is a new generation of all-digital Signal Boosters and the only booster approved by the FCC for 100dB gain.  Our Cel-Fi boosters are designed using the most advanced technology and are powered by two custom-made 6-core processors allowing for 1000 times more gain than traditional boosters and provides coverage to 13,000 sq. ft.  The only ‘Smart Booster’ of its kind, Cel-Fi decodes the setup channel, adapts to future network changes on its own and even makes the carrier network more efficient.

How does Cel-Fi work:
The Cel-Fi Network Unit captures the weak signal that reaches the building, improves it and retransmits the signal indoors via the Coverage Unit. This allows your AT&T and T-Mobile clients to experience a strong cellular connection with no signal interference-eliminating dropped calls and in-building dead zones.  Cel-Fi is the only cellular booster authorized for use on AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Cel-Fi boosts your signal strength indoors for 3G, 4G LTE Voice and Data without the need for external antennas or cables.  We made Cel-Fi worry-free by making it insanely simple to install, providing you with a true plug and play booster that is an ideal solution for your clients office or home.  Multiple units of Cel-Fi can be installed for larger projects with no interference issues from booster to booster or the carrier’s network.   With our 100dB gain, clients who are experiencing weak network coverage will go from 1 bar to 5 with wide ranging coverage guaranteed.