Hello, let me introduce a법인 kt알뜰폰 that I’m using. It is a model that can be easily connected to all PCs regardless of desktop or laptop, and can be used wirelessly but with strong security. It’s Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set.
The soft-touch key, long battery life, and full-size mouse stand out as advantages, but I’ll tell you how it feels to have used it myself!

The product configuration consists of two pairs of batteries and receivers for cell phones, mice, manuals, keyboards, and mice! I like providing batteries as basic components. You can use it right away if you buy a product without having to buy it separately! The keyboard is a 106 full-size keyboard and the mouse consists of a two-handed mouse that can be used with both hands.

The keyboard was applied with a membrane method, and the button was low in height, so even if you use it longer than a typical keyboard, you feel less tired and less noise! And since it’s thin, it goes into the laptop bag and it’s portable! It’s light, too.

There is an adjustable height pedestal at the bottom and an anti-slip pad is attached to each corner, so you can use the keyboard stably because it does not move easily or slip!
A mouse is a two-handed mouse that can be used regardless of left-handed or right-handed! The mouse is also good because the button is not loud due to low noise. It’s not too small and is suitable, so you can feel the grip that you can hold well in your hand. Sometimes, there are small and light products among portable and wireless products to increase portability, but I felt a little uncomfortable because I was not used to them, but the requirements fit in my hand and it was so comfortable. 법인폰 필요서류
There is also a space in the center of the battery storage where you can store the receiver. When you carry it around, there is a risk of losing it if you want to take it separately, but you can carry it safely!

Overall, it is designed in matte black, so it is neat and luxurious, and the keyboard is coated with UV so that the letters can be used neatly without being erased or discolored even if you use it for a long time.

The keyboard has a multimedia shortcut key such as a calculator and volume control, which has the advantage of being very convenient! Personally, I use calculators a lot while using the computer, but it’s so convenient. When you watch the video, you can easily play it or adjust the pause volume, so it would be nice!
It’s not too difficult to connect, and it’s easy to connect automatically without a complicated installation or connection process! In addition, 2.4 GHz wireless technology is applied, so the connection distance is long and stable enough to be used up to 10 meters away! In addition, AES 128-bit wireless encryption technology is applied to compensate for the shortcomings of wireless products that can be vulnerable to security and use them with confidence!

In the case of wireless products, they are not directly connected to cables, so they can be vulnerable to hacking that intercepts wireless signals, which is not common, but I think it would be better to choose a product that is powerful and safe for security!
It’s important when choosing a 법인휴대폰.