Hello, among smartphones these days, those who purchase expensive smartphones or have a lot of experience of loss or damage will be required to 법인휴대폰 구매 insurance. There is an SKT insurance service that can be used as an ALL IN ONE benefit, including various benefits essential for smartphone care in compensation for loss or damage. If you use TALL Care Plus 2, which includes the most benefits among TALL care services, you will be able to use all the care services you need while using your smartphone, and we checked what benefits are included in TALL Care Plus 2 and what are the fees for each product.

If you subscribed to TALL Care Plus 2 after signing up for your kt 업무용핸드폰구매, you can easily and conveniently handle everything from purchase to accident compensation. In addition to the benefits of loss or damage, such as general insurance services, there are a variety of benefits, including 24-hour care services, day delivery of compensation phones, liquid crystal damage repair services, battery replacement, premium rental services, communication life care, and smart device damage compensation.

1. 24-hour care service allows 24-hour consultation throughout the year and insurance claims and counseling through smartphones.

2. If the compensation approval is completed before 3 p.m. when insurance is processed after loss, the compensation phone can be delivered on the same day.

3. In the event of liquid crystal damage, you can pick up the TALL care coordinator at the desired location and act as a repair agent.

4. In case of loss, you can use your smartphone for up to 42 days through a premium rental service.

5. In the event of financial fraud damage, you can receive compensation within the limit of 3 million won per accident/per person.

6. Additional opening terminal damage compensation and liquid crystal damage repair agency services can be used as smart device damage compensation services.

The usage fee is divided into two types: Android phone and IOS phone. Depending on the product, regular Android models range from 5,200 won to 8,000 won, while flip and fold models are available for 10,900 won and 12,900 won, respectively. The amount of loss and damage compensation varies depending on the product, so please refer to the table above!

In the case of iPhones using IOS, you can choose from 5,800 won for damage, 7,300 won for general, and 9,300 won for high-end, depending on the store price of the device.

The operating hours of loss and damage insurance compensation phones vary depending on the service area, so it would be good to refer to the table above for each area. Thank you.