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SIM CARD KOREA The iPhone 14 Pro is hot these days, but the iPhone is so cold and full of performance that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still classified as active. Therefore, it is also a smartphone that people who value cost-effectiveness consider.

What’s always unfortunate about using an iPhone SIM CARD KOREA is that you can’t pay with a card. Of course, Apple Pay is likely to start in Korea soon, but it will take some time to settle down completely. In particular, transportation cards will take longer because they have to go through a separate consultation process.

Until the platform is completely completed, this regrettable thing can be resolved to some extent by using the iPhone card storage case. The iPhone 12 Pro Max transparent card case sold by IMDU is a perfect product for practical use because it has a good grip and protection at a low price. korea sim

korea sim

I’mDew is also my favorite iPhone transparent case brand. I’m satisfied with the solid basics and the grip that fits well with other products, so I always buy one whenever I buy a new sim card prepaid phone.

The rear part is made of PC material that allows you to see the clean back without yellowing symptoms, so you can use it neatly without yellowing for a long time. It has a card storage pocket all-in-one.
The side is made of TPU material that is effective for shock absorption, making it easy to get stuck or removed and effectively protecting the fall impact on the iPhone when dropped.

First,sim card prepaid please remove the protective plastic that is attached to prevent scratches before installation

This is a shot with the iPhone 12 Pro Max sim card prepaid . It’s very clean and you can see the clean back of the iPhone as it is, and there’s no oil film like a low-cost transparent case, so you can feel the advantages of the iPhone transparent case.

The side frame is also not that thick, so it is not too burdensome to hold it in your hand.

Of course, the camera lens is protected at a sufficient height to prevent direct contact even if you put it on the floor.

The button on the side is also very soft and crunchy.
The bottom lightening port and the punching finish of the speaker hole are also perfect.
The I.M.D. iPhone transparent case is an iPhone card storage case with an integral storage pocket that can store credit cards or transportation cards on the back. It just goes in smoothly through the top and has a good bump to prevent the card being stored from falling out, so it doesn’t come out easily.

Also, low-cost card cases have a structure where the stored sim card prepaid card directly touches the iPhone, causing scratches on the back. The I.M.D. iPhone card storage case is made of a double structure, so you can safely store and use the card.

sim card prepaid

When you take it out, if you push up the bottom part, it comes up easily. It’s very comfortable when I use it’s

Up to two sheets can be stored just right, so it’s perfect for carrying a credit card, transportation card, or ID card that you usually use. Even if the storage volume is too large, the case gets thicker, so I think I made it well by finding a compromise in the right line.

The debate on whether unification will be quick or the introduction of Apple Pay to Korea has been a frequent story in the Apple community over the past few years. Although Apple Pay is finally winning, it will take more time to use it completely comfortably like overseas because there are still steps such as expanding franchises and introducing transportation cards. sim card prepaid

Until then, please use the cost-effective I.M.D. iPhone transparent case with the iPhone 12 Pro Max card storage case, which is easy to carry your usual card with you.