While using the phone, various additional services in addition to the plan will be used through the carrier. The most frequently used call book service allows you to text a call keeper or other call that you missed for some reason, or set up your ring tone, or call notification plus that tells you that you can make a call right after the person’s call, which is a personalized call. It is more convenient to use it with various additional services, so it would be convenient if you subscribe to the call book service that you need.

Many people only use one or two services, but if you use several additional services at the same time, it can be a lot of money, but there is a set additional service for those people케이티 스카이라이프, so I would like to introduce it through this article. It’s called Smart Call Pick. Smart Call Pick costs 2,900 won per month and is an additional package product that allows you to freely select and use 5 out of 11 components. It is an additional product that can be used very economically if you choose 5 products that you need from 550 won to 2,200 won per month and use them for only 2,900 won.

Existing package products had to be used only as designated products, so I had to use them even if they included unnecessary products, but the biggest advantage of Smart Call Pick is that I can choose the products I want, and there are a total of 11 different components available so that I can choose 2200 won individually.

If you look at the Smart Call Pick configuration additional services, you can choose your package without any burden because the configuration service includes call keepers, curlers, and call notification plus, which you don’t usually need, but sometimes it’s a little burdensome to sign up and use individually. Those who use products such as refusal to receive individual calls of 2,200 won per month and t-safe calls will be able to use additional four additional services by adding 700 won. If you are using more than 2 to 3 products among the above components, it would be better to compare them and choose a more advantageous one.

You can choose 5 of your package components and change them according to the usage pattern at any time afterward, so you can choose them without any worries.

For example, if you use 5 products such as refuse to accept individual calls, kt 스카이라이프ind friends, tars, call transfer general, and t-safe calls, you need 9,350 won per month for individual use, but if you use smart call pick, it will be solved at 2,900 won per month. If you are using the service of the Department of Currency, it would be good to look at the types and amounts of products you currently use, check how much you can save when signing up for a smart call pick, and change it. Please refer to this article to reduce the cost of additional services for skt. Thank you.