Galaxy S20 Ultra sk 법인폰

Can I buy the Galaxy S20 Ultra now?

Foldable phones have been popular recently, but it is difficult to open them on time due to a lack of supplies. So, I tend to turn to Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21 series as alternatives to Android smartphones, and if you ask me to pick a model with the best support fund at this point, I can definitely say Galaxy S20 Ultra sk법인폰 .

Above all 업무용폰, there is nothing to be desired compared to the latest model, but the price is good. In particular, the Galaxy S20 Ultra model is still competitive in terms of design completeness and the fact that it attempted 100x zoom with a telephoto camera for the first time.

21 Ultra differentiated its design with a contour cut design, but many users preferred its previous design according to their taste. Considering Samsung Electronics’ update policy and other factors, I think it is a much better choice in terms of price competitiveness and performance.

Galaxy S20 Ultra sk 법인폰

In other words, even if you pay more for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it can be seen as an alternative to users who are worried about purchasing a low-end smartphone with good cost-effectiveness rather than those who are worried about purchasing the latest smartphone.

I’m talking about updates because Samsung Electronics’ One UI competitiveness is getting better little by little, and especially the flagship model is being updated faster than the low-end model. Especially with 3 major updates, you can still get the latest One UI updates and 4 security updates. In that sense, there are advantages of the latest phone, but in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is the most competitive model.

Usually, if you use a 업무용핸드폰 smartphone, it becomes loose if you don’t manage your device well rather than performance disappointment, and the battery efficiency is not good. It is because I want to use the latest model, but if I buy a new phone now, I can use it for two to three years, so I can get a full package of software updates supported by Samsung Electronics. Installing a new One UI makes you feel like you’re using a new phone, so that’s an advantage.

Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S20 Ultra 업무폰
The Galaxy S20 basic model has a good casual feeling, so it can be used light and fresh, and the Galaxy S20 ultra model has a luxurious glass design and a camera including a telephoto camera. Especially in terms of design, there is no button on the left side, so it feels neat.

The sk법인폰 Galaxy S20 is 6.2 inches, so if it is a little compact and easy to use, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a big size and can be seen as a 6.9-inch display.

Galaxy S20 Camera, Battery: 12.0 MP + 64.0 MP + 12.0 MP / 4,000 mAh
Galaxy S20 Ultra camera, battery: 08.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 48.0 MP + VGA / 100x zoom support, 108 million pixel camera / 5,000mAh

All Galaxy S20 series models support 120Hz
Both Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra models support 120Hz on display. The maximum resolution of WQHD+ is not supported, but you can set it up and use it on FHD+ and use your phone at 120Hz, which is much softer, although battery consumption is about 10% faster, it has advantages in gaming, multimedia viewing, and scrolling surfing. In particular, the S20 Ultra model has a battery capacity of 5,000mAh, so it is quite large among Galaxy phones, so it is not that much of a burden on the battery.

Of course, the price is important to take all of this into account, right? So I checked the public subsidy or 25% discount for the current Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra models. It is still a phone with a lot of searches, and if you look at the current price, it is as follows. (Based on the 70,000 won plan)

  • Galaxy S20: U+ 574,000 won based on 21.10.03 of the largest number of carriers (650,000 won for using the 85,000 won plan)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: SK 608,000 won based on the largest number of carriers 21.10.03 (650,000 won for using the 89,000 won plan)

It is also a way to check cafes and communities, and most of all, you can get notifications quickly when there are benefits such as changes in public subsidies or events, so there are many opportunities to get them when the product you are aiming for is released. You can quickly get discount information without being tied to a particular carrier.

iPhone 13 has recently been released, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 are also very interesting. If you are looking for a cost-effective smartphone, especially if you prefer a Galaxy phone, I think it would be the most competitive choice to purchase it considering subsidies among the Galaxy S series rather than the Galaxy A series