These days, I’ve been using my smartphone for a lot of work, so no matter how large the battery capacity is, if you do something, it will be lacking quickly, so there are many people who always carry a portable battery in their bags. sim card prepaid

The Xiaomi Auxiliary Battery 10000 has long been one of Xiaomi’s most successful products, with its affordable price, sleek design, and excellent finish.

외국인유심개통 I bought the recently released Xiaomi Auxiliary Battery 10000 product because I liked that it can use smartphone holders while supporting 30W high-speed charging and wireless charging.

Product components include Xiaomi Auxiliary Battery 10000 Body, Smartphone cradle for docking, Type C cable, height adjustment silicon, and simple manual.

Just like Xiaomi’s portable battery, the matte black color gives you a very luxurious and clean feeling. There’s a Mi logo on the bottom of the front.

A charging coil for wireless charging is located in the center of the rear.

There is an LED on the side to check the battery level.

The USB-A / pogo pin connector / USB-C / remaining level button is located at the top. It’s a product that can be docked and used, so it’s different from other products with a pogo pin connector.

There are various sizes of products, but it’s easy to use when commuting and it’s easy to carry around, so it’s the most reasonable to choose 10,000mAh.Ah

When charging with a single wired port, it supports up to 30W high-speed charging, and when charging two smartphones at the same time, it can be charged with 15W output each. 외국인선불유심 It can also charge wirelessly at the same time, allowing you to charge up to three devices at once.

For reference, in the case of wireless charging, some Xiaomi smartphones also support 30W wireless charging, but most of them can be used at normal high-speed wireless charging speeds.

When you go out, you take it out, put it in your bag, and when you get home, plug it into the holder, and the battery starts charging on its own. It can also be used as a smartphone holder, so it kills two birds with one stone.

Personally, sim card POSTPAID I really like that this one can replace two other products with a concept that can be used as a smartphone wireless charging cradle and taken separately when going out. Note that when the battery is fully discharged, it takes approximately 4 hours from 0% to fully charged using a USB-C port that supports bidirectional high-speed charging.

Even if your smartphone is small, if you can’t reach the wireless charging coil, you can plug in the silicon holder that comes with it and adjust the height.

I need a smartphone holder that can be wirelessly charged in the office, so I bought 외국인유심개통 it because it was a concept I liked while looking for a product, but I’m using it very satisfactorily until now. It’s good to use separately when your family goes out sometimes, so if you want to buy the Xiaomi Auxiliary Battery 10000, you can use it well because it supports 30W high-speed charging and you can use the cradle.