kt스카이라이프 인터넷가입While watching Samsung’s foldable unpack, I thought about it right away! I was confident that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 came out better than I expected. So I bought it on my work phone without hesitation, and it’s been about 3 days. I have no regrets.

Several interfaces and useful functions have been updated to ensure that the large screen can be used without regret. Since it was intended to be used for business purposes, kt알뜰폰 유심we decided to prioritize the convenience of being able to roll without much care (?) rather than the satisfaction of the design.

This is the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has been used constantly as a business phone for the past year. But it’s heartbreaking, isn’t Look at the hinge. There are all kinds of scratches everywhere.
Due to the nature of the foldable phone, the hinge has a vulnerability of being exposed to the outside, but it became this shape after just rolling it all year without using a hinge protective case.

So for Galaxy Z Fold 4법인폰, I prepared it in advance with a hinge protection case. No, it includes not only hinge protection, but also the function of a pen holder and pen cover to utilize the S pen, and it is a Galaxy Fold 4 case with strong durability that seems to be fine even if it is thrown as it is (?).

The exact name of the product is “Terragard Active,” and there are three models: basic type, pen cover, and pen holder.

All three products are commonly sincere about ‘hinge protection. Usually, if you accidentally drop your smartphone, the first thing you can do is touch several corners and shock it. Foldable phones have very, very weak hinges. My flip 3 is also full of hinge scratches that were created when I dropped them all.

Various solved both impact protection and the characteristics of the foldable with a magnetic hinge cover. The magnetic hinge cover protects the hinge to the point where it is close to perfection. It’s not just a cover, it’s a shock-relieving dura form.

For that reason, if you are looking for a Galaxy Fold 4 case that is durable and functional, you don’t have to sell your hands here and there. Just the Berus case is the answer.

The Teragard Active basic model is metal and black, and the pen cover and pen holder case is black only. The picture above is an active basic metal color.

As you can see, the design to increase durability is sensibly unraveled, and there are vertical supports on three sides except for the camera island, so it is easy to put it down on the floor and the friction is quite large.

At first glance, it seems to be a hard type, but it’s a twist. It’s a pretty soft material and has a lot of elasticity, so there was no inconvenience in inserting and removing the Galaxy Fold 4.

The fold 4 camera has been upgraded 업무용휴대전화 , right? At the same time, there’s a katuk-twi that’s never been done before. The Teragard Hinge Protection Case is also sincere in protecting the camera. The structure protrudes about 4mm higher, so there is no concern about katuktui.

The convenience of the side fingerprint and volume buttons is also excellent. It’s a completely open structure, so it’s very easy to use when pressing a button or fingerprint recognition.

I was surprised by the detail, but there’s a separate edge panel groove in the front. It was used as an edge panel groove by utilizing the open button. If you put the edge panel in that position and use it, 알뜰폰마켓there was no problem with using gestures like this.

Of course, it was easy to use Samsung Pay at the bottom, and there is no problem with wireless charging.

From now on, this case is for those who use the Galaxy Fold 4 + S pen combination. Teragard Active Pen Cover and Penholder. Both have the advantage of being able to store S pens, but the method is slightly different. You can choose according to your preference.

First of all, it’s a pen cover type. It utilizes a hinged cover. It is in the form of a sliding door, and if you lower the hinge cover, there is a space for storing the S pen.

It goes down smoothly, it can go up smoothly. The action of taking out the S pen and putting it back in is also supposed to continue very naturally.

However, the hinge cover is the thickest of the three products, and it also gives you the most comfortable advantage. S Pen of Galaxy Fold 4 can be used ‘only on the main screen. It means that you must open the fold and use it. The angle that you can use naturally like this is made on your own.

I used it for work while annotating PDF files. It was so comfortable. You don’t have to pay attention to the stand, and you can take the S pen out of the hinge cover and take notes right away, so the usability of the fold is maximized.

This is the flex mode, a function that Samsung emphasized with strength in this unpack. There was a new function called ‘Flex Mode Panel’, and the function is further maximized by using the Verus active pen cover case.

This is a transparent case that I received as a gift when I purchased the fold. The hinge is exposed as it is, and the flex mode is also not angular. It’s not even stable.

On the other hand, the hinge cover naturally acts as a rear cradle, doubling the usability of the flex mode panel. I think I’ll use it more than before.

Finally, the active penholder. I also need to store the S pen. If you don’t like the hinge cover being too big, it can be a good option.

You can store the S pen on the left side (when unfolded), not on the hinge cover. Simply put, it stores the S pen in the cover display case. The material is soft and flexible, so it’s very easy to put it in and take it out.

One thing I was worried about was, wouldn’t it be easy to get rid of? That’s what I did. You don’t have to worry about it at all. It’s easy to put it in, but it didn’t come out no matter how much I shook it. It firmly holds it from the inside.

The active pen holder case also provides a stable cradle. It makes the S pen smooth by making a proper angle, and it is also good to use the flex mode stably.

Semi-automatic sliding technology
We’ve looked at the three Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases. All of them are very serious about hinge protection in common, and it was remarkable that they could use various functions more actively.

In particular, 법인폰 https://onlinegardener.com/법인폰-알뜰폰개통/I was surprised that the hinge cover was designed with semi-automatic sliding technology. It’s very sophisticated. I was able to feel that it’s a product that we prepared a lot.

Wait! This is not the end. There’s more.

Unfortunately, this Galaxy Fold 4 does not have a basic LCD protection film on its cover display. As part of environmental protection at Samsung, it has been excluded since S22. Fortunately, the main display is made of UTG material, so there is a basic film attached.

Anyway, as soon as you buy Fold 4, you have to prepare a cover display tempered glass. Therefore, all three active cases introduced today at Verus provide a 2.5D reinforced glass protective film as a basic component. It’s kt스카이라이프인터넷 가입a full set.

It is a reinforced glass film with clear, high permeability, 9H surface hardness, and durability. If you put it down gently, it will stick to you 케이티스카이라이프 인터넷가입 . I’ve been using it for three days, and I’m satisfied. Clear permeability and strong durability are both better than expected. Now, with the Galaxy Fold 4 + S Pen configuration, I think I can handle a variety of complicated and chaotic tasks comfortably.