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Hello, I’m KT알뜰폰 . I finally met Apple Watch’s 88th generation. I bought both Including Ultra after much consideration. For those who are still thinking about it, I will introduce you to the unboxing, the changes, and the ways to buy it cheaper.

I bought this model from kt스카이라이프 인터넷 with the Apple Watch Ultra. Since the Ultra model came out at a huge price of 1.14 million won, it seems that the actual buyers are buying more of this model, although it has been spotlighted.

First of all, unlike smartphones, there are quite a few people who have never experienced smart wearables. So let’s point out that each lineup can be confusing. 케이티스카이라이프 가입 tv This series is made of aluminum-based Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product Red colors. Stainless steel was released in graphite, silver, and gold colors.

Aluminum costs about 600,000 won and stainless steel cost about 1 million won. Unlike the past, the titanium model has disappeared, but it seems to have disappeared as the new ultra model is equipped with titanium material. In other words, it is divided into two materials and a total of seven colors.

In addition, there are two types of cases in the 8th generation of Apple Watch: 45mm and 41mm. In general, there are more male buyers in large sizes and female buyers in small sizes. The resolution is different because of the size (not felt), but it is the same specification. Let’s find out the 스카이라이프인터넷 specifications first and analyze the pros and cons. Specifications were written based on aluminum models.

In the case of ultra models, the box size has also increased as it is a high-end model. On the other hand, the package of this model is the same as before. When the elongated outer box is opened, two boxes divided into a strap and the main body (including a cable) are revealed.

The advantage of the Apple Watch is that it is easy to replace straps, so anyone can easily fasten/remove them. Therefore, it is good to purchase and use more than what is provided as a basic. I chose the Starlight strap, and the wearable color is the same.kt.

Unlike the iPhone, which has a slightly different design almost every year, the wearable is usually a facelift every three years. 1 to 3 was the same, and 4 to 6 were the same. And with the same design as 7, this model also came out. Perhaps the design change is expected to change from 10 (or X).

So if you’re using the Series 7 model, you don’t have to transfer. On the other hand, if you use the SE series or series 6 or less, you will feel a completely different feeling if you change the Apple Watch to the 8th generation. Certainly, you can feel that the use of wearables has increased as the display area is wider than 6.

스카이라이프인터넷 가입센터

This series is not much different from Series 7. However, several new functions have been added. First, it is a temperature-measuring sensor. This sensor measures body temperature, which is different from the thermometer we think. If the temperature changes due to hormonal effects from the existing temperature, it detects it and tracks the menstrual cycle. Accuracy is known to be quite high.

The second is the collision detection function. When driving, it detects an external impact. Furthermore, there is a function to send a location by requesting a rescue or automatically making an emergency call. Wearables are interested in threats and health factors that may arise in their daily lives.

The third is to retrace your steps. It has a function that dataizes the user’s location in real-time based on the GPS module L1 and recovers the original route based on GPS even when it is in trouble during trekking or hiking.

The last one is a chipset change. Apple’s system-in-packaged (SiP) chips have already shown sufficient performance. so they rarely stumble at speed. Therefore, upgrading this chipset does not have much meaning, but the battery time seems to have increased slightly due to the low-power design.

kt스카이라이프 인터넷 Of course, the existing functions are so outstanding. Apple Watch’s 88th generation display is not available in the SE series. Detailed healthcare functions such as electrocardiogram and blood oxygen, etc. Therefore, it has not changed significantly, but from the user’s point of view, it will be quite satisfactory to use. These elements may be used only by some users, but they have sufficient merit.

As I said earlier, my conclusion does not need to be changed if I am using 7. This is because the design is not only the same but also the functionality has not changed significantly. But those who are new to models under 6 or wearables. Or if you used other companies’ wearables, I highly recommend them.

Although the KT알뜰폰 SE series is a more reasonable price, I think it would be better to buy this model thinking that it uses a little more because there is no AOD and there is no health care function. Unlike smartphones which are replaced every one to two years, wearables can be used easily for three to four years, so it is better to buy them now. (If you buy it next year, it’ll be a facelift in a year.)

Finally, if you are thinking of purchasing the 8th and 8th generation Apple Watch, use the link below. The bottom URL has plenty of stock, and a basic discount of 20,000 won to 30,000 won and a discount of 7% on cards will be provided, so it will be much cheaper than purchasing at official homes, other open markets, or offline. I’m so satisfied that I bought Ultra and this model from the link below, so I hope you can meet it.