The iPhone SE3 has been released. Apple unveiled its third low-end iPhone SE3 법인휴대폰 개통model through an online event at 3 a.m. on March 9th, Korean time.

At the same time, it also unveiled new devices such as the 5th generation iPad Air with M1 processor, Mac Studio in a professional position, and Studio Display.

The form factor is no different from the previous second generation. However, AP has been strengthened to the latest chipset, and it has been upgraded very slightly in terms of weight and battery. With the improvement of the AP, the position of the iPhone 13 mini has been partially overlapped. Please check which model to choose based on which criteria.

We have arranged in the order of pre-booking, release date schedule, price, and specification.

Pre-booking for iPhone SE3 starts on March 18th, and the official release date is March 25th.법인핸드폰

The overseas schedule is a little earlier. Pre-bookings will begin at 5 a.m. on March 11 in a total of 30 countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, and Canada, and the release date will be March 18. There is not much difference in the schedule.

For your information, the iPhone SE lineup is always an irregular release date pattern, unlike flagship. SE1 was introduced in 2016 and SE2 in 2020, all of which showed a tendency to make surprise announcements without any special notice.법인휴대폰

Since it is an entry-level smartphone with a store price of less than 600,000 won, it is good to receive large subsidies when purchasing through mobile telecommunications and some places are already accepting it ahead of the official pre-booking schedule (18th).

The price of the iPhone SE3 법인폰 개통starts at 590,000 won based on Hanwha.

1.64GB: 590,000 won

2. 128GB: 660,000 won

3. 256GB: 800,000 won

Some suggested that it would be released at a slightly lower price or frozen price than the previous one. Unfortunately, it rose slightly. There is no difference in form factor, but it can be attributed to the installation of the A15 Bionic chipset.

The starting price is 590,000 won. If the minimum capacity was 128GB, it could have been a very cost-effective model, but it’s a bit disappointing. It may be burdensome to purchase it immediately on a self-sufficiency basis, and since it has been upgraded to support 5G, it would be good to check the mobile telecommunication business model that can receive gifts by checking public subsidies or optional agreements.

For your information, the shipping price of the iPhone SE2 was 550,000 won (64GB). It went up exactly 40,000 won.

The iPhone 13 series A15 bionic chipset is included. Six-core CPU and four-core GPU. It is a model with the highest performance among popular smartphones.

It is the first iPhone SE sk 법인핸드폰 to support 5G networks and has the same 4.7-inch Retina HD display as its previous model. The resolution of 1334 x 750 (326ppi) is the same, and the contrast ratio of 1400:1 is the same. In addition, it supports the TrueTone display and P3 color area.

The size, weight, and thickness are all the same, but the weight is slightly lighter by 4g and the battery time is slightly increased.

Supports rear single camera, 12MP wide F1.8 aperture. Up to 5x digital zoom support and optical image shake correction (OIS) are all the same. Equipped with the A15 chipset, it also supports deep fusion, smart HDR4, and photo style. In all other aspects, the performance of the video is the same as the previous one.

There are three colors: black, starlight, and product red. It was changed from the prev